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Country, Rock and Soul Style Music

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*Take Me Back in Time 
*Makin' Music
*Who I Might Be
*From the Heart
*Special Songs

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Destiny Band Oz is a multi-award winning duo comprising husband and wife singer-songwriters, Thomas and Tessa Libreri.
Their versatile music and vocal styles range from soulful ballads to pumpy, country rock; ('Country, Rock and Soul!) They have already released 3 albums and 2 EPs and are excited to have just released their new album of original songs with new producer, Damian Cafarella of EOR Studios called 'Who I Might Be'.

As children, Thomas and Tessa grew up in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Thomas in Reservoir and Tessa in Kilsyth. They were both musically inclined and tutored in music and singing. Thomas formed his first band at 12 playing bass guitar and had singing lessons from Normie Rowe.  He played in many bands over the years. Tessa performed in musicals, went to the Johnny Young Talent School and was classically trained by Suzanne Steele then with Audrey Duggan. 
Thomas and Tessa met in a line-dancing country band based in Kinglake in 1996 which seemed like 'destiny' and they soon branched out on their own as a duo and later with various full band line-ups performing at clubs and functions. They married, had children and settled in Kinglake. They didn't perform much whilst their children were very young and then the horrific Black Saturday bushfires struck. Thomas and Tessa fought and saved their home and family and some of their neighbours but not all - and in the aftermath they decided to move their family away to Gippsland for a new start. (Thomas received a 'BM' - Bravery Medal from the Governor-General of Australia for his actions in saving a neighbour after the fire who sadly died a few weeks later in hospital) both Thomas and Tessa were heavily involved in the relief and rebuilding effort personally and through their building business at the time.
After moving to Gippsland, they devoted themselves to the activities of their primary school aged daughters, joined community groups and clubs in the area and soon found themselves performing full-on again. They decided to record an album of their original songs written over the years because of their life-changing experience and knowing how fragile life is, so it was more for posterity than anything but they were encouraged by local radio hosts who'd heard them perform their songs to release a song to radio, which they did in 2017.
Since then, they've had amazing #1 and Top 10 chart successes for their music and have amassed over a dozen major Australian and International awards including:
*Akademia Rising Star 2021(Los Angeles) and 
*Akademia Best Country Song 2019
*National Traditional Country Association of Australia 
Artists of the Year 2020 -
*Tessa Libreri with 'Ray of Hope' and 
*Thomas Libreri with I'll Be With You'
*RRTCR Dory's World Indie Network
 Country Duo of the Year 2019 & 2020
Back to back awards for
*International Band of the Year 2019 &
*International Entertainer of the Year 2020 at the International Singer-Songwriter Association Awards in Atlanta, Georgia USA.
*Independent Country Music Association (ICMA)Country Duo of the Year 2019(Tamworth Country MF);
*Gold Medallion Media Awards (GMMA)    Group or Duo of the Year 2019 and         *GMMA Collaboration 2020 
  (Tamworth Country Music Festival);
*Back-to-back awards at the Tasmanian Independent Country Music Awards for 
*National Artist of the Year 2019  
*National Band of the Year 2018 and
*Overall Number One song in 2017
*And numerous Australian and International song awards to date.



23. Show Pony (1/08/2021). Album: Who I Might Be Written and sung by Tessa Libreri.  A cute country rock song about trying to keep up appearances!
#2 UK Independent Radio Indie Alliance Chart
#2 Ignition Country UK chart
#5 Sweet Sunday Sounds Weekly Top 10
#13 Country Songs Top 40 Australia
#20 Tasmanian OzCMR chart
#35 Country Radio Charts 
#69 Radio Alliance Top 75 Chart
Music video:

22. It's a Shame (10/2021) Album: Who I Might Be. Written by Thomas Libreri, lyric edits and sung by Tessa Libreri.  About life and Covid times.
#1 The UK Independent Radio Indie Alliance Chart
#1 The Australian Country Songwriters Top 10 Most Requested
#4 chart
#6 Tasmanian OzCMR chart
#8 Ignition Country Radio Chart UK
#14 Country Songs Top 40 Chart
Music video link:

21. This is Our Land (02/2021) Album     'Who I Might Be'. Composed by Thomas Libreri, Lyric edits and sung by Tessa Libreri. A song about their love for Australia.
 #1 International Mainstream County Top 40 Chart; 
#1 Tasmanian chart; #1 Australian Country Songwriter's Top 10 Most Requested; 
#5 Country Songs Australian Airplay Top 40 chart.; 
#6 Sweet Sunday Sounds Chart, 
#10 LDM Radio Chart New York USA
#11 The Fan Voted Chart USA
Music video was used by the Australian Songwriters Association 2021 virtual online awards show and has been put forward to the Olympic Committee as an all inclusive anthem for the Brisbane Olympic Games!
Music video link:

20. Ray of Hope (10/2020) Album 'Changes'. Music Thomas Libreri, lyrics Chris Lee, vocals Tessa Libreri. About keeping hope in dark times.
#2 Australian Songwriters Show
#4 International Joyce Ramgatie Chart  
#3 Australian and Tasmanian Charts
Top 10 Radio Alliance and Ignition charts.

19. Slice of Heaven (06/2020) Album: 'Take Me Back in Time'. Composer Thomas Libreri, vocals Tessa Libreri. A country swing song inspired after finding their little Slice of Heaven in country Gippsland after Black Saturday.
#3 Australian Country Songs Chart
#3 Tasmanian Chart
#4 Australian Songwriter's Show
#4 Ignition Country Chart
#8 Radio Alliance Chart Listen:

18. 'I'll Be With You' (03/2020) Album: 'Changes' written and sung by Thomas Libreri. A folk syle acoustic ballad inspired after Thomas was diagnosed with bowel cancer and the thoughts that ran through his mind. Luckily it was caught early and got the ‘all clear’.
#4 Australian Top 40,
#4 Australian Songwriters Show
#4 Tasmanian Chart
Top 10 Radio Alliance Chart.
*Finalist ASA Awards 2020 Listen:

17. Great Courage (01/2020) Album 'Changes' (& 'Special Songs' EP). A heritage ballad sung by Thomas Libreri about his parents emigrating from Malta to Australia. A touching tribute to his mother's great courage in travelling so young and alone to a new country. Composed by Thomas in Maltese. (English lyrics and backing by Tessa Libreri). Aired on TV and radio in Australia and Malta and presented to the Maltese Prime Minister, Dr. Joseph Muscat during his 2018 Australian visit.
*Won the RRTCR World Indie Network Best Country Song 02/2020
*Wall of Fame 12/2020.
#4 International Chart
#4 Australian Country Songs Chart
#4 Tasmanian Top 40
#6 LDM Radio Chart NY
*Sadly Doris Libreri passed 24.02.2020 at 86 having just celebrated her 70th wedding anniversary. Music video:
Or Maltese lyric slideshow 'Kuragg Kbir'

16. O Holy Night (12/2019) EP 'Special Songs'. Tessa's version of the lovely old carol released for Christmas.
#1 on the Radio Alliance Chart 2020
Overall #1 song 12/2019 on the RRTCR World Indie Network Chart (Canada)
Also went to #18 and #36 respectively on the Tasmanian Top 40 and the Country Songs Top 40 2019  Listen:

15. Live Your Dream (09/2019) Written by US Singer-songwriter, Glenn Erickson of Diamondback Records. Vocals Tessa Libreri. Tessa was chuffed to be asked to record her vocals on one of his compositions! It has great meaning for Tessa who is currently living her musical dream with husband Thomas!
#5 International Top 40
#18 Tasmanian Top 40
#19 Australian Top 40 Listen:

14. Peace of Mind (08/2019) Album: 'Changes' written and sung by Tessa Libreri. An uplifting country ballad.
#1 for 4 weeks Country Songs Top 40
#1 Tasmanian Top 40
#2 International Mainstream Top 40
#2 on the OzGold Radio
Finalist in the Traditional Country Music awards, ASA awards and People's Choice Country Music Awards 2019Music video:

13. I'll Be Home Soon (07/2019)
Composer Garth Porter. A touching 'truck driving' duet sung by Gary Ellis and Tessa Libreri (as a guest artist on Gary's album, 'Believing in Me').
*Won Best Collaboration for 2019 Gold Medallion Media Awards at Tamworth 2020
#1 Tasmanian Top 40 for 2 weeks.
#3 Country Songs Top 40
#4 Australian Songwriters Show
#5 Dory's Canadian Indie chart.
Finalist Gidgee Coal Awards 2019.

12. Danny Boy (04/2019) Album, 'Changes' a cover of the classic, 'Danny Boy' about a father who farewells his son to war. Tessa's sensitive and stirring rendition of this touching song brings a tear to the eye.
#10 Country Songs Top 40
#7 Tasmanian Top 40
#18 The Fan Voted Chart USA Watch live video here:
Review by Ken Randall - Former DJ, WA
"My radio show was not for cover songs, I spun the new, unheard of songs. 'Danny Boy' had been thrashed so much over the years that I had really grown a dislike to the song. I saw the title and said to myself, 'here goes, that same old song'. However, WOW! I was in for a surprise! Destiny Band Oz's version really grabbed me! I like to think I am emotionally tough these days however this stunning voice and song style physically messed with me! - In a nice way! Yea, brought tears to my eyes. This song shows off Tessa Libreri's vocal ability, hitting those high notes, almost at Heaven's level; pure, sweet and on-key. The voice is selling the song rather than the instruments which take a low profile, subtly complementing the voice. I am hearing the lovely vibrato and lilt in the vocals. It's the unhurried pace, the pauses blended with the well-matched piano notes that are making it all so beautiful. There may be no gold button on America's Got Talent, that's a big hit, however, in my view, it's a golden version of the song".

11. My Family and Me (02/2019) Album 'Changes'written and sung by Thomas &Tessa Libreri reminiscing about life when they were kids.
#1 International Top 40
#1 Tasmanian Top 40
#1 Australian Country Songs Top 40 (Debuting at #1 and remaining #1 for 9 weeks equalling the chart record, charted 15 weeks).
#5 on Kate's Country Sounds and Top 10 other local charts.
*Winners of the International Clouzine Music Awards for Best Country Song 09/2019;
*Winner of the Akademia Music Awards Best Country Song 03/2019;
*5th in the Australian Songwriters Awards 10/2019;
*Hot play on Australian Country Radio
*Finalists in Tamworth Songwriters Assoc. Southern Stars, LDM Radio Music Awards 2020 (NY) and ASA Top 30 Finalist 2020.
Listen here: ttps://
10. Christmas Time (12/2018) Album 'Changes' (and bonus song on the EP 'Special Songs'). Unofficial release for Christmas, written by Thomas & Tessa Libreri.
#10 Tasmanian Country Top 40 2018;
#5 International DogTag FM Christmas Songs 2018
#10 Don Hollander chart 2020
Live video

9. Hours in a Day (10/2018) Album 'Changes'. Written by Thomas &Tessa Libreri, sung by Tessa Libreri.
#1 Tasmanian Top 40
#5 International Top 40
#7 Country Songs Top 40 (charted 17 weeks). Music video:

8. Put on a Good Show (07/2018) Album 'Makin Music', written by Thomas Libreri vocals Tessa Libreri.
#1 Country Songs Top40
#1 Tasmanian Top40
#5 International Top40
Finalist Tamworth Songwriters Assoc 2018 Top 30 finalist ASA Awards 2020. Music video:

7. Lay Me Down (04/2018) Album'Take Me Back in Time'. Artist-released love duet, written by Thomas Libreri was not officially distributed or promoted.
*Hot play on John Nutting's Australian Country Radio,
#1 Tasmanian Official Top40
#4 Country Songs Top40
#9 Spectrum Radio UK
#3 US chart
Lyric music video:

6. 'Sorry' (02/2018) EP 'From the Heart'. Composer Thomas Libreri. A heart-felt, unabashed apology in song.
Won Best Indie Song in the Clouzine International Music Awards 09/2018
#7 Tasmanian Top40
#9 Country Songs Top40
Finalist ASA Top 30 2020 Music video:

5. 'To Sir With Love' (10/2017)
Unofficial release - Lifted from Makin' Music album by Tasmanian radio. Cover of the beautiful theme song to the movie sung b

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